Bumps and babies

At Alison McKenny Photography, I specialise in Maternity, Newborn and Baby Photography at our home studio in Stoke By Clare, Suffolk.

As a Mum, I know only too well how having a child can turn your life upside down and inside out.   But it is such a special time and you will savour every moment from the minute you find out that you are pregnant, to the first time you hold your baby in your arms, to when they finally let go of your hand and walk on their own two feet, for the very first time.   It is pure magic!

And believe me when I tell you it is over in a flash, and I just think it’s such a shame when all you have to remember it are a few hastily taken photos or video’s on your phone, that may get downloaded to the computer but rarely go any further.

I feel it is just so important to take time out with your family to really capture the magic within.   You may decide to have one shoot when your child is first born or when they are sitting unaided, so they are still a baby, but showing more of their personality and full of smiles for everyone.  Or like lots of my clients, you may decide to capture this period in your lives over a number of shoots, and below you can read more about the choices available.

Maternity or Pregnancy Shoots are becoming more and more popular with new Mums.  The ideal time to do the shoot is when you are 30 to 34 weeks pregnant and I am happy to do a maternity shoot on location, at your home or if you prefer a studio session you are welcome to come to me.   As I live on a family farm in Stoke By Clare, Suffolk, we also have lots of gorgeous outdoor space which is private so we are less likely to have onlookers like we may find at the local park or beach.   We will have a chat prior to your session so we can discuss your preferences and what to wear or how to prepare for your shoot to ensure we get the best images for you.

We have a professional Hair and Makeup Artist available should you want to feel extra special during your shoot and that can be added to your session for £75.   I also have a couple of beautiful maternity dresses designed especially for Maternity Photo Shoots that you are welcome to wear should you wish, or feel free to bring your own outfits.

Newborn Photo Shoots are best booked when you’ve had your 20-week scan to ensure availability in my diary.   I’m usually booked up at least a month in advance but it’s always worthwhile getting in touch even if your baby has been born, just in case other babies haven’t arrived yet, there may still be some flexibility.

The ideal time to photograph a newborn is before they reach 14 days old.  This is because around this time, they start to become less sleepy, more alert and sensitive to touch, so can be more difficult to pose.  Every child is unique however, and I’ve had some babies as old as 4 weeks that slept through the entire session and others at 7 days old who were wide awake the whole time, so you can never predict how they are going to be.  This is why we allow up to 4 hours per session to ensure nobody feels rushed, and we can take it at baby’s pace.   This allows us lots of time for feeding, changing and settling your baby.

Siblings are also welcome during these sessions but for younger children (age 5 or under) we would suggest one Parent or Grandparent takes them home after we’ve done the family and sibling shots as they may well get bored in the studio waiting for the session to finish, and as it’s a small space, there isn’t a lot of space for playing.   We also need a calm and quiet atmosphere to get the most from your newborn so if you feel it’s unrealistic for your child to stay quiet for that amount of time, do please arrange someone to take them home or to the local park while we do the rest of the session.

We have lots of props and blankets, hats, headbands and wraps available to choose from so you don’t need to worry about bringing anything special with you.

If you would like to read our Bumps to Babies Brochure, please click here (btw, it also includes information about our prices and packages)

If you’d like to see one of my favourite newborn shoots from 2019, please click on the slideshow below:


Baby shoots are for Babies that are no longer newborns.  These sessions suit Babies of 4 months to 1 year.   At 4 months old, Babies are often full of smiles, may be happy on their tummy and their favourite thing is to interact with Mum or Dad so it’s a lovely age to capture.   At 7 months old, they are often sitting unaided and we can get a much larger variety of images at this age.  We can also do some photos inside and some outside if the weather is fine.   At 9 months plus, Babies can start crawling or walking so some assistance from Mum or Dad may be required in the studio!  Or if you’d rather let your child explore the world outside, we can do that too!

For our Newborn Clients, we offer a Mini Sitters Session for £150 so they can come back when their Baby is between 6 and 9 Months old, and sitting confidently but not yet crawling.  The Session lasts 30 minutes and includes their favourite 3 digital images from a gallery of 10.

To celebrate Babies first birthday, my clients often enjoy a cake smash and splash session.   We will provide a cake for the session (unless your child has any food allergies and in which case, we would ask you to provide the cake), and our Babies usually have so much fun playing with the cake, getting very messy with the sponge and icing, and so we often follow this up with a bath in one of our cute tin baths in the studio.   They are allowed to splash away to their heart’s content (while I photograph lots of laughs and giggles), and finally, we get some gorgeous shots of Baby wrapped in a towel or dressing gown, before they are dressed and taken home again!

See below for another video showing you the type of images you can expect from a Cake Smash and Splash Shoot.


The final option in our Bumps to Babies Photography is the ‘Toddler Session’ or ‘Outdoor Explorer’ as some prefer to call them which is ideal for children age 12 to 24 months. They are ideally suited to Babies who have started to walk and are less likely to be contained in a small studio environment.   We can shoot either on the farm or in a location of your choice and will capture them as they explore the world around them, with lots of interaction and cuddles with their siblings and Mum and Dad.  Always a fun session no matter where the location!

So the options are endless,  I do offer discounts for multiple sessions booked at the same time so do ask me about this!  Most of our clients buy some products from each session and then often include a selection of images from each shoot presented in a Multi Aperture Frame or a beautiful, handmade Digital Photo Book, or Luxury Folio Box.

So if you love the images you have seen on my site, and you would like to find out more about any (or all) of the above sessions,  please do not hesitate to contact me or  call me on 07966 468944

I look forward to hearing from you x