Photography Award for Baby and Toddler category won by Alison McKenny Photography 2021
Baby Girl in a white tin bowl smiles at the camera on a white background.
Portrait of a Mother and Son sitting outside in the spring flowers
Smiling baby on cream background and fur rug


To celebrate Babies first birthday, my clients often enjoy a Cake Smash and Splash Photo Shoot  with Alison McKenny Photography, a multi-award-winning professional Newborn and Baby Photographer based in her studio in Stoke By Clare, Suffolk.  

Keep scrolling to find out more about what to expect from the shoot, our pricing and the answers to lots of your frequently asked questions. 

Alison x

"Incredibly talented photographer"

“Alison is an incredibly talented photographer, we have been delighted with the images on a maternity, newborn and first birthday shoot. We highly recommend Alison!”

– Sara

"We had an excellent shoot with Ali"

We had an excellent shoot with Ali, she captured some amazing pictures of our little boy. She was professional, welcoming, and brilliant with little Alfie, would highly recommend her.

– Georgie



To book any of the photoshoots below, a retainer of £99 is charged upfront.  This is then deducted from whichever collection you choose to buy.

If you would prefer to buy a piece of Wall Art instead of a collection, then the £99 is not deducted from whatever product you buy, and there is a minimum order of £399.

Hair and Makeup Artist is available on request at £55 for hair or makeup or £110 for both.

At the end of the photoshoot, we will make an appointment for your viewing and ordering session in the following two weeks which we can do in person or via Zoom.  You don’t need to decide which Collection or Products you would like to buy until this meeting and you have seen your gallery of x20 to 25 images and chosen your favourites.  There is no pressure to buy any images should you decide not to.




Pre Shoot Consultation

1.5 Hour Photoshoot

Viewing and Ordering Session

20 High-Resolution Fully Retouched Digital Images

Print Credit of £199 towards Mounted Prints or Wall Art

£50 Credit towards your next Family Photoshoot

with Alison McKenny Photography

Full use of my gowns and props

Midweek or Weekend dates available



Pre Shoot Consultation

1.5 Hour Photoshoot

Viewing and Ordering Session

10 High-Resolution Fully Retouched Digital Images

Print credit of £149 towards Mounted Prints or Wall Art

Full use of my Baby outfits, gowns and props

midweek or weekend dates available

Family & Sibling images included in the session



Pre Shoot Consultation

1.5 Hour Photoshoot

Viewing and Ordering Session

5 High-Resolution Fully Retouched Digital Images

Print credit of £99 towards Mounted Prints or Wall Art

Full use of my Baby outfits, gowns and props

midweek or weekend dates available

Family & Sibling images included in the session



30 Minute Photoshoot at my studio

Viewing and ordering session with a gallery of 10 to 12 unedited images

to choose your favourite 3 High-Resolution Digital Images

which will then be retouched fully before delivery

Available from Monday to Friday only


Minimum Order – £399 if purchasing without a collection above

Digitals and Mounted Prints  (only available if purchased with a collection)

Additional Digitals  – £50

Additional Digitals plus matching mounted 8×6″ print – £70

Mounted 8×6″ print to fit in a 10×8″ Frame – £40

Mounted 10×7″ print to fit in an 11×14″ Frame – £50

Box of x10 Mounted 8×6″ Prints  – £349

Box of x15 Mounted 8×6″ Prints  – £499

Box of x20 mounted 8×6″ prints – £599


Luxury Picture Folio Box

perfect for displaying and storing up to 20 mounted Prints

Available in White Wood, Black Wood or Walnut Wood.

10×8″ Wooden Box including x5 8×6″ mounted prints – £599

14×11″ Wooden Box including x5 10×7″ mounted prints – £749

Wall Art

Framed prints from £399 (20×16″)

Acrylic Wall Art from £399 (20×16″)

Archival Canvases from £349 (20×16″)

Framed Canvas from £399 (20×16″)

Elegance Frame with a circular Fine Art Print from £499  (20×20″)



8×8″ Album – £399

10×10″ Album -£499


Your Cake Smash & Splash Session

To give you a bit more of an idea of what to expect, we start the session with some family photos (if you would like them) so your child gets used to us photographing them, whilst they feel happy in their Parents arms.

Then we take some photos of your child on their own in a cute outfit that you have chosen, and / or just in a nappy if you would like.

Next we get them changed and ready for the cake smash part of the session and watch them enjoy messy play with the cake. Most Babies don’t actually eat very much of the cake but love squishing it in between their fingers and putting their feet in it too!

Once they look like they’ve had enough of the cake, we have a little break and a tidy up and get the bath tub ready for their bath time part of the shoot. I have a couple of little tin baths that you can choose from and I will photograph your Baby in there having fun with the bubbles and bath toys! This is often their favourite part of the session and I usually get some great shots of them splashing away in the warm water.

Finally, we would take them out of the bath, dry them off and have a couple of shots of them all wrapped up in a towel or fluffy dressing gown before they get dressed ready to go home!

It’s a really fun session that usually takes an hour and a half and we let the Baby lead the pace, moving on when they have had enough of each section.


Who provides the Cake?


I provide the cake for all full sessions but with Mini Sessions, you can either bring your own cake or pay an extra £25 for me to supply it for you.  I have a cake maker that I’ve been buying cakes from for the past 15 years.  She is super reliable, her cakes look and taste amazing.  Also she is happy to cater for any food allergies, you just need to let us know in advance.

What happens if my Baby is not very happy on the day of the shoot?

If you wake up that morning and your Baby doesn’t seem themselves, and is clingy or tearful, it could be a sign that they are not well, so in this instance I would recommend that you stay home and we rearrange your session.  In my experience, it’s impossible to make a baby smile when they are not feeling well, and all they want is cuddles with Mum or Dad.  

If your Baby seems fine but then on arrival at my studio, starts to cry or be unsettled.  We will just take our time, and try different things. Sometimes they just need time to get used to different surroundings, and once presented with the cake that they can get messy with, and the bubble bath, they forget what was troubling them, and start to have fun.   


Can I bring my other children along for the shoot?

If you would like your other children to be photographed, so for sibling photos or family photos, then yes of course.  But at the moment due to COVID, I’m asking that only people being photographed or supervising their child, come into the studio.   

I'd love to get a photo of my Baby with my fur Baby! Is this possible?

If you would like to bring along your dog for some photos, that’s fine by me.  As long as they are house trained and pretty obedient, so will sit or lay down on command, then I’m happy to photograph them.    

I need the cake photos for their Birthday invites, how long does it take to get them back?

This process of editing your photos generally takes no longer than two weeks. Due to COVID, I am now doing my Viewing and Ordering Sessions via Skype and we can set up a date in the diary before you leave your photoshoot. 

If you need them back before your Baby’s Birthday, then I’d recommend we book the shoot at least 3 weeks before their Birthday to be sure. 

We can do the viewing and ordering session in the evening when the children are in bed if that suits you best. 

These sessions usually take no more than an hour and I will show you your images on a slideshow to music, and then can help you narrow down your favourites using a star system.  I can also advise you on products including wall art, and Albums should you need help. 

I just want digitals! Do I have to buy a collection?

There is no pressure to buy anything at all but Digital Files are only available to purchase with a Collection.    The Collections also include a Print Credit which you can spend on Mounted Prints or Wall Art.

Having been in this industry for 11 years now, I know a lot of my previous clients who just bought Digitals have never found the time to do anything with them, which is such a waste.  When investing in a Professional Portrait Shoot, I want my clients to have photos that they can display around their homes and enjoy every single day.

As I use the best suppliers I know my clients will receive top-quality products that will last for years and years, so that future generations can also enjoy their family portraits.

Beautiful Baby Girl sitting in a smart white blouse and beige linen romper

I would love to hear from you, and if you do have any questions at all before booking, please do feel free to contact me using the form below.