Baby boy in jeans and braces and a flat cap sits on a stool
Toddler in dungarees pulls a red wagon during his Mini Photoshoot in a wheat field
Baby Girl with lots of black hair looks at the camera
A baby sitting in a wooden bowl in a field in Suffolk with his big sister leaning on it and chatting to him
Baby Girl with long black hair sits smiling on a green velvet chair for Baby Photo Shoot
Toddler in dungarees sits on a wooden crate in a wheat field
Baby boy sits in a wooden bowl under a Lilac tree in Stoke By Clare, Suffolk
Baby Girl sleeps on her Dad's shoulder
Toddler in dungarees holds a wooden camera during his Mini Photoshoot in Suffolk studio


I have been a Baby Photographer at my Suffolk studio for 11 years now.  This page is dedicated to photoshoots for Babies that are no longer newborns.

These sessions suit Babies of 4 months to 18 months.   (If you are more interested in booking a Newborn shoot, please click here to access my Newborn Photography page)

At 4 months old, Babies are often full of smiles, may be happy on their tummy and their favourite thing is to interact with Mum or Dad so it’s a lovely age to capture.

At 6 to 7 months old, they are often sitting  up unaided and we can get a much larger variety of images at this age.

From 9 months plus, Babies can start crawling or walking so again that is a lovely milestone to capture.

For Clients that have already done a Maternity or Newborn shoot with us, we offer a Mini Sitters Session for an all inclusive price of £200 so they can come back when their Baby is between 6 and 9 Months old, and sitting confidently but not yet crawling.  The Session lasts 30 minutes and includes their favourite 5 digital images from a gallery of 10.

Scroll down to find out more about how I approach photographing Babies!

Alison x

"We'd never go anywhere else for nice photos now!"

“Alison has photographed both my boys as newborns, and we also had a lovely sitting shoot when my youngest was 6 months old. We’d never go anywhere else for nice photos now, and in fact, the only photos we had up on our walls were all shot by her!

Can’t recommend Ali enough. Thank you for capturing such a precious time in our lives xx”

– Laura

"Amazing pictures and a very gifted Photographer"

“Alison was our Wedding photographer back in 2013 and we haven’t looked to use anyone else since! 6 years later and we have been back for maternity and family shoots, she is amazing at working with everyone including pets and toddlers in very tricky situations. Amazing pictures and a very gifted Photographer who we will continue to use as long as she is working!”

– Amy




To book any of the photoshoots below, a session fee is charged upfront.  This is not included in the collection price and it does not include any digital or printed images but secures your date and time.

At the session, we will make an appointment for your viewing and ordering session which we can do in person or via Skype.


 1 – 2 Hour Session

viewing & ordering session

gallery of 10 – 15 images (Mini Session) or 20 – 25 images (full Session) to view before choosing your collection below



 2-hour Photoshoot at my studio 

midweek or weekend dates available

20 High-Resolution Digital Images

20 matching mounted 8×6″ prints

£100 credit towards wall art 0r album

£100 credit towards Folio Box



2-hour Photoshoot at my studio

midweek or weekend dates available

15 High-Resolution Digital Images

15 matching mounted 8×6″ prints

£100 credit towards an Album or Folio Box or piece of wall art



2-hour Photoshoot at my studio

midweek or weekend dates available

10 High-Resolution Digital Images

10 matching mounted 8×6″ prints





Available midweek only and includes:

1-hour Photoshoot at my studio or outside on our farm.

Viewing and ordering session

4 High-Resolution Digital Images

4 Matching mounted 8×6″ prints.


In addition to my Collections, you are also welcome to choose products from my

A La Carte Collection:

Additional Digitals plus matching mounted 8×6″ print – £70

Upgrade your prints to mounted 10×7″ prints – £10 extra per image

Luxury Picture Folio Box perfect for displaying and storing your mounted prints – 10×8″ wooden box (for 7×5″ mounted prints) – £325 

14×11″ wooden box (for 10×7″ mounted prints) – £425

Album (8×8″) – £400

Framed prints from £395 (20×16″)

Acrylic Wall Art from £395 (20×16″)

Archival Canvases from £325 (20×16″)

"On a scale of 1 to10, I would give Alison a 12!"

“She is responsive to emails, a consummate professional when it came to giving clear instructions to prepare for the photoshoot so that we got the very best out of it, and most importantly, she had a robust written, safe and effective COVID safe set up for the pictures, so we felt very well prepared and safe.

The pictures are absolutely stunning of our family and in particular our baby, we ended up getting all of them as they were so good and I’ve received so many compliments from friends and work colleagues who have seen them. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!”

– Fionnuala

"Alison knows how to capture the most precious moments and can always get my son to give a Cheshire grin!"

My husband and I have asked Alison to photograph our family twice now. Once for a very special “Mummy and Me” shoot and again for some family photos of our now 16 month old. They came out beautifully and are always stunning to look at.

I would highly recommend choosing her for your portraits or family event photos. Every session is very relaxed and Alison is very polite and accommodating, full of pointers and wardrobe suggestions to give you the most out of your photos.

– Stephanie

"The photos have turned out even better than I imagined!"

“I couldn’t recommend Alison enough! She was fantastic and made the girls feel very comfortable throughout the session.  I can’t wait to have more taken in the future!”

– Andreea


Baby Shoots are really for babies age 3 months and up and they are such a lovely way of documenting your little one as they grow.

I have to admit I adore doing Baby Shoots as I have the pleasure of capturing those gorgeous little smiles, frowns and inquisitive expressions as they pick up something new.  The sweet wispy curls on their neck, the baby rolls on their thighs and arms that are just too cute!

I get to photograph them hitting different milestones, like grabbing their feet, clapping their hands, sitting up unaided, crawling and walking.  It’s a wonder to watch every single time!

We can do the shoot in the studio or outdoors if you prefer.    Outdoor shoots are actually ideal for children age 12 to 24 months as they have started to walk and are less likely to be contained in a small studio environment.  

We can shoot either on the farm or at a location of your choice and will capture them as they explore the world around them, with lots of interaction and cuddles with their siblings and Mum and Dad.  Always a fun session no matter where the location!

For studio sessions, I have lots of beautiful knitted outfits, rompers, dresses and accessories for you to choose from, or feel free to bring your own outfits if you prefer. 

If you like props, I have plenty including bowls, crates, wooden toys and a stunning vintage metal bed that the babies just love to sit on! 


How long is the photoshoot?


We offer session photoshoots that range from 1 hour(for Mini Sessions) to two-hour sessions. We allow enough time to take breaks for little ones so we are led by the baby mostly and they will let us know when they have had enough.  I always ask Parents when their Baby is at their happiest and we’ll aim to start the shoot then.  

Can i bring my partner and other children?

Your Partner and other children are more than welcome if you want family or sibling photos.  If you just want photos of the Baby, then I’d recommend only yourself and one other person (your partner or a Grandparent) as too many people in the studio can be overwhelming for the Baby.   Also due to COVID rules, I can only allow people in the studio if they are being Photographed. 


There are 4 Digitals and 4 matching prints included in the Mini Session Package but that is all paid in one go.  With the full Sessions, you pay your session fee of £100 up front but there there are no digitals, prints or products included in the session fee. The session fee just covers my time and expertise in photographing your family. It also includes use of my props and studio wardrobe. I will present you with a gallery of approximately 20 to 25 images at your viewing and ordering session for you to choose your favourites from, but you will need to pay for them separately.

How soon will my photos be ready?

This process of editing your photos generally takes no longer than two weeks. Due to COVID, I am now doing my Viewing and Ordering Sessions via Skype and we can set up a date in the diary before you leave your photoshoot. 

We can do this in the evening when the children are in bed if that suits you best. 

These sessions usually take no more than an hour and I will show you your images on a slideshow to music, and then can help you narrow down your favourites using a star system.  I can also advise you on products including wall art, and Albums should you need help.   

How do you supply digital files?

I supply Digital Files via a downloadable online web gallery and if you purchase one of the Luxury Picture Folio Boxes, you will receive a Crystal USB in that box too. 

The Online Web Gallery is accessible via a password and you can download the high res and low res files using your own PIN number.  It is password protected but you can share it with family and friends should you wish to, or share images on social media directly from the web gallery.  

Your images will stay on there for 12 months and you will receive a reminder to download the images before it goes offline. 

You can download the images as many times as you want. 

I just want digitals! DO I HAVE TO BUY A COLLECTION?

There is no pressure to buy anything at all but you can buy an Album or piece of Wall Art from the A La Carte list rather than a collection if you prefer.

However, Digital Files, Mounted Prints, and Luxury Folio Boxes are only available to purchase with a Collection.

Having been in this industry for 11 years now, I know a lot of my previous clients who just bought Digitals have never found the time to do anything with them, which is such a waste.  When investing in a Professional Portrait Shoot, I want my clients to have photos that they can display around their homes and enjoy every single day.

As I use the best suppliers I know my clients will receive top-quality products that will last for years and years, so that future generations can also enjoy their family portraits.

what precautions are you taking with regards to covid19?

Since COVID has appeared, we have taken it very seriously and want to make sure we are doing everything to keep our clients and ourselves safe.   We have safety guidelines in place and will send you more info on that before your session so you know what to expect.   We are following Government lockdown restrictions so are unable to shoot at the moment.  However we are hoping that will change shortly and that we will be able to start shooting outside initially, and then indoors as soon as retailers are allowed to reopen.  I am taking bookings from Mid March 2021 onwards and am happy to reschedule session dates or refund your session fee if you decide you no longer want your shoot.


I would love to hear from you, and if you do have any questions at all before booking, please do feel free to contact me using the form below.