Why should I do a Maternity Shoot?

Sep 22, 2021 | maternity

Hi, I’m Alison and I’m a Professional Maternity Photographer in Suffolk.  I’ve been a photographer for over 10 years now and recently achieved Master Portrait Photographer with Sue Bryce and the Portrait Masters, an International Photography group.

The question should be why not do a Maternity Shoot?   But if you are unsure of the point of doing a photo shoot like this, let me give you the reasons I think it’s a wonderful idea! Every pregnancy is a miracle, and growing a baby inside your tummy is simply mind-blowing and really should be celebrated and documented.   It’s a pivotal time of huge importance in a woman’s life, it is truly unique and unforgettable and what better way to capture that moment than having a professional photo shoot done where you will be photographed like a supermodel and made to feel wonderful, AND have beautiful portraits of that time in your life to keep forevermore.

Maternity Photography examples of a pregnant lady

To share with your child when they are grown, and believe me, when they are old enough, they will adore looking at photos of how you looked when they were in your tummy and seeing the love that you had for them even before they were born.

Take this wonderful opportunity to get some updated photos of you with your partner, as you are going through this journey together.

Or to update your family photos as you can bring the rest of the clan along to your shoot too if you like.  It really helps older Siblings to feel special and involved in the pregnancy and they get really excited talking about the baby, and getting photos of them hugging and kissing the bump.


Q: Why would I want to book a photoshoot when I don’t think I look good right now! My body has changed a lot!

I know that lots of Women feel unsure of themselves and how much their body changes during pregnancy and I get that you might not feel that you look your best!

I get it, I was pregnant too with very large babies, so I understand the ups and downs and insecurities you can have along the way.   But I promise you that if you have a Maternity shoot, you won’t regret it.   You can have your hair and make-up done by our professional stylist if you like, to help you feel your most beautiful self, and I will help you choose outfits and dresses that look amazing on you.   If you are worried about having nothing to wear, don’t as I have loads of options available in my studio wardrobe to suit all tastes.



Or I can give advice on your own dresses you might want to use and pick the best backgrounds to suit!



Or you might be feeling brave and want to take the images with you nude but posed tastefully and of course, I’m more than happy to help.



So my advice if you are thinking about booking a Maternity shoot, just go for it!

If you book with me, I’ll look after you and give a wonderful and memorable experience too!

To find out more about my Maternity Shoots, have a look at my Maternity page on my Website (click here).  I am based in Stoke By Clare, Suffolk and have my own home studio and I live on a beautiful farm so we have lots of gorgeous settings outdoors to choose from too.

Do let me know if you would like to book hair and makeup too as I’ll need to check my Stylists availability and there is an extra charge for that.  If you would like to check her out, her name is Danielle from Butterflies Hair Design

I’ve worked with her for years and most of the ladies on my Maternity Gallery and Beauty Gallery have had their hair and makeup done by her.

I also offer Newborn Shoots, Babies and Sitter Sessions and 1st Birthday Cake Shoots so if you are also interested in those options later on, I do offer a discount for multiple sessions being booked at once.

If you have any questions at all feel free to Contact me! 

But if after reading all of this, you would like to go ahead and book, you can do so by clicking here! 



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