What to expect from a Newborn Photoshoot in our Suffolk Photography Studio

Jun 18, 2021 | Newborn

Newborn Photography has been a key part of my business since I first started working as a Professional Photographer from my home studio in Stoke by Clare, back in 2011.  Since I had my own children in 2005 and 2007, I’ve always loved Babies.   I remember watching my own Mum in wonder as she’d get down to a toddler or small childs level and talk to them with such animation on her face and affection in her eyes, the children couldn’t help but smile and chatter back to her.  I always wondered how she knew what to do or how to talk to them.  How did she learn how to do that or was it a gift from God?   But then having my own boys and spending lots of time with my friends and family’s children, I’ve since had lots of practice and it’s really been invaluable to my Photography business.

I’ve also invested in lots of professional training, especially with regards to handling and posing Newborns safely, and understanding their little signs telling me if they are comfortable, have wind or just need a cuddle and it’s given me so much more confidence and skill when it comes to my Newborn Baby Photoshoots.

In the last few years, I’ve made the decision to offer Newborn photoshoots from my Suffolk studio, rather than doing them in my clients homes, as it gives me so much more control over the session and the quality of the images I produce.  Things like temperature control, lighting, props and having all the right equipment to hand.  My prop collection and equipment have expanded over the years, so I know I have everything I need in the studio if I should need it.  I’ve learnt over the years that even though you can plan a session to perfection, it doesn’t always go that way and having options available and equipment backups is a must!

Alison McKenny Photography Studio in Stoke By Clare, Suffolk

Newborn Shoots are my longest sessions at 4 hours long for full sessions!  I know that seems really long when you say it but honestly, it flies by.  And if Baby is super easy and sleeps well, we can sometimes be done in just 2 hours.  

Before your Session, I will ask you your top priority for the images you want.  These might be family photos, Sibling Portraits, or just portraits of the Newborn on their own, lying on the beanbag or in props like buckets, bowls or miniture beds.

Some Parents have a very specific goal in mind as to what they want, as they have seen something they love and would like something similar.  Others just like the look of my images and are happy for me to do whatever I like using certain colours to suit their home decor.

What Options are available:

Everyone has different tastes but please be very honest with me regarding your preferences.  I won’t take offence, I just would rather not spend time taking photos of your baby that aren’t to your liking!

Do you prefer Baby in Woolen Rompers, Wraps, Hats and Headbands or just simple Naked Baby shots? 

How do you feel about Babies in Props or would you prefer not to use Props?  The props I have include buckets, bowls, baskets, crates and beds mostly! 

Which appeals more to you? Dark and Moody lighting or Light and Airy?

Or do you like both? I know I do!

Do you like Digital Backdrops like the ones below or are they not for you?   Digital Backdrop images are used where the baby is photographed on a mini Beanbag during the shoot and then cut out in Photoshop and edited into a Digital Backdrop which has already been photographed previously.  I do this as I can really perfect the backdrop as much as I can in my own time without trying to achieve the same look during a shoot.  Or sometimes I buy Digital backdrops that are in keeping with my style as it saves me having to purchase a whole load of props that I’m not going to use again.  Using these backdrops keeps things moving at your session without you having to wait for me to set something up and then take it down again.

Whatever your preferences, I am happy to tailor each session to meet my client’s requests so that they get what they want at the end of the day.

To find out your choices, I will send you a questionnaire before you arrive to give you the opportunity to let me know what you want and sometimes I ask that you have a look at my web gallery and Newborn page, and screenshot the images you love the most and tell me what it is that you like about it.   These images will give me inspiration when I’m planning what prop setups to use, Family/Sibling poses or beanbag poses for your newborn.

I will also ask you to choose a colour backdrop for your family photos and I have created a collage below to make it easier for you to choose.

When choosing colours for backdrops or for outfits for your Newborn, I would recommend you really think about the colours that you love and have decorated your house with, and what colours would work well with those.  If you have grey walls at home, you might want to go for whites or greys to keep everything looking tonal, or you might want a contrast or pop of colour and go for Mustard.  If you are unsure, don’t worry about it.  We can have a chat and come up with something unique and special to perfectly fit your taste.    If there is a specific colour you are looking for, and I don’t have it, if we have time I will try to source something for you.

Here are the romper colours that are currently available.  I do have hats or headbands or legless rompers in most of these colours too.


Newborn Rompers available for clients use at Alison McKenny Photography

After your shoot, I will go through all of your photos and choose the best 20 to 25 images to show you at your viewing and ordering session.  Images from Sessions are edited fully beforehand so you can see exactly what to expect from your final products. 

We can do your viewing and ordering session via Zoom during the day or evening if that’s more convenient for you, and you will see a slideshow of the images to music, and then we can go through them all 2 or 3 at a time so you can star your favourites, compare and contrast and work out what you would like to buy. 

I have 3 Packages available starting at £499 which include the 4 hour session and either 5, 10 or 20 Digital images with £99, £149 or £199 print credit and if you go for my top package, you will also get credit towards your Sitter or 1st Birthday Photoshoot with me.

You can see my price list on my Newborn Photography page and some of the products available to buy are below.

Selection of images of Alison McKenny's Luxury Wooden Folio Boxes and Wall Art

If you have read this far, well done! And if you have any further questions, feel free to get in touch 

or if you would like to go ahead and book your session you can do so by clicking here!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Best wishes,

Alison x





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