Stoke College School Prospectus Photo Shoot

One of my previous clients kindly recommended me to Stoke College to photograph the school and daily activities for their new prospectus.   I had a lovely day there meeting lots of the children and staff and was very impressed by the school and everyone I met.  The children seemed to be very happy there and were great models when needed but they were also happy to ignore me and get on with their work while I photographed them.

I am so happy with the photos and am looking forward to sharing them with you.  I would happily do this sort of work for other schools too, so if you could share this blog post with any school Principles or Head of Governors, I would really appreciate it!  Thanks again! x

Stoke College-3-3 Stoke College-9-2 Stoke College-10-2 Stoke College-16-2 Stoke College-25-2 Stoke College-30-2 Stoke College-34-2 Stoke College-39-2 Stoke College-47-2 Stoke College-62-2 Stoke College-68-2 Stoke College-77-2 Stoke College-88-2

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