A Fine Art Portrait Session in the Studio with Cerys

Cerys is a very talented 14 year old girl.  Not only is she an top student at school, an accomplished gymnast and dancer, but she’s an aspiring actress and model.   She is very tall for her age so looks a lot older than her 14 years, but so beautiful and confident in her own skin that she actually didn’t wear any make up during her shoot.  She was also super nice and totally down to earth so it was my complete pleasure to photograph her.   Cerys had some modelling experience when I photographed her and you could tell as she followed directions so well and could give me the expressions I wanted in a split second.   I was just blown away by her and absolutely love the photos that we got from the session.  Since this session she has gone on to do so much more modelling work including lots of catwalk work for fashion shows.  She is doing so well and I’m just glad I got the opporturnity to photograph her when I did as she is so busy now!

I love doing these sessions with young teens, and feel it’s empowering for them during the session and a real confidence boost when they see how beautiful they look in the images that follow.

If this is something you would like to do for your child, please do get in touch.   We can do these fine art sessions both indoors and out, and with is ideal for children age 7 upwards (or younger children if they are happy to take direction).   We can include hair and a touch of make up if required for an additional £25 and it is totally worthwhile to make the images really stand out.   If you would like to see more Fine Art Portraits in my gallery, please click here!

Thank you and enjoy! x

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